A too-busy weekend

Thursday being Thanksgiving, Dan took Thursday and Friday off (like we used to do at home) so that we could take a long holiday weekend and enjoy the beginning of the Christmas season (even here in Vienna, today is the first Sunday of Advent, so Thanksgiving or no, it’s Christmastime now).  It was a great idea, but, as often happens with these lofty and overly rosy images I have of time off as a family, we’re at the end of the weekend, exhausted, off our schedule and a little grumpy.

018We had a great time this weekend (really).  We visited some Christmas markets, we all got to take naps (on at least a few of the days), we went out to eat for Thanksgiving, we got some chores done around the house (not as many as I’d hoped), some of us got to sleep in a little (Dan and Liam did — I’m not bitter) and even went to the zoo today (and saw the pandas for the first time, which was amazing).  It was a fun, packed weekend.  The boys rode on rides at the markets, I did a little Christmas shopping, and we got to spend a lot of time together as a family, which was wonderful.

Really, we had a good weekend.  Really.  But we did too much (and we didn’t even do all of the things we had planned — we do a pretty good job of sticking to a schedule unless it’s labelled “vacation” or “holiday”, in which case everything goes out the window).  So, here we are, trying to get ready for our upcoming week and it’s an hour past the kids’ bedtime and they’re just getting out of the bath.  We got home from the zoo this afternoon completely exhausted and frozen (never trust a Viennese weather report) and by 8:00 we had two kids (who refused to nap earlier) passed out on the couch — too late to be a nap, too early for bedtime.  Benjamin and Liam are still hanging on to the colds they had last week, and now I think Dan & I are getting sick, too.

I’m really glad we had some time off, got to spend so much time together, and took a break from our normal routine to explore and do some fun out-of-the-ordinary things.  But this was not the recipe for a restful holiday.  I think I need a vacation to recover from my long, holiday weekend.


Feel like I can spit fire

I had a super mom kind of a day.  After Dan left for work, I did some laundry, vacuumed the house, got the kids changed and dressed, got myself dressed, got out the door and down the elevator, got back IN the elevator and came back up (forgot a paci), got on the train, got on another train, went through security at the UN, was only about 5 minutes late to Benjamin’s haircut appointment, dropped the boys off with Dan, did my homework and made it on time to my German class.  Whew.  And that was before 11:30.

After class, I got two fussy and tired kids onto the train, then onto another train, picked up lunch, left the train station by way of an escalator (with a stroller) because the elevator that was working at 10:30 was now broken, got them home, got B down for a nap and then entertained Liam quietly for 2 hours while B napped.  Oh, and Liam can now crawl at nearly warp speed.

I’m tired, but it was a good day.  Tomorrow:  no plans.