Feel like I can spit fire

I had a super mom kind of a day.  After Dan left for work, I did some laundry, vacuumed the house, got the kids changed and dressed, got myself dressed, got out the door and down the elevator, got back IN the elevator and came back up (forgot a paci), got on the train, got on another train, went through security at the UN, was only about 5 minutes late to Benjamin’s haircut appointment, dropped the boys off with Dan, did my homework and made it on time to my German class.  Whew.  And that was before 11:30.

After class, I got two fussy and tired kids onto the train, then onto another train, picked up lunch, left the train station by way of an escalator (with a stroller) because the elevator that was working at 10:30 was now broken, got them home, got B down for a nap and then entertained Liam quietly for 2 hours while B napped.  Oh, and Liam can now crawl at nearly warp speed.

I’m tired, but it was a good day.  Tomorrow:  no plans.

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