Pool party

065We finally managed to string enough healthy days together to go to the wave pool to celebrate B’s birthday — 16 days after the big day.  When you just turned 6, and you have to wait for 16 whole days to celebrate your birthday while your brother, dad and mom are getting better but you’re feeling fine, it’s pretty tough to be patient and reasonable about it, I think.  But B did great.  He did get frustrated and cry and say a few angry things to me the third time we had to reschedule, but I completely understand (and I’m honestly glad to see he’s not TOO grown for that up yet).

This past Saturday, though, we were all well, and we had all been well for about 5 days, so we finally went.  We finally got to splash and play in the pool.  We finally got to go down the water slides.  We finally got to float on the inner tube “river”.  We finally got to have lunch and ice cream at the pool.  We finally got to spend the day celebrating the way the birthday boy wanted to.


We had a wonderful time.  We celebrated with our big 6 year old guy.  We spent the whole day, all together.  I spent some time playing with Liam while Dan played with B, I spent some time playing with B while Dan played with Liam, and we spent some time all playing together.  It was a great day.  My big kid is 6, we finally got to celebrate, and I could not be happier about it.


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