Last week, during the seemingly unending time of stomach illnesses at our house, I had a birthday.  (It’s a busy time around here — Dan has a birthday next week, too.)  I turned 38.  I’ve reached an age where I honestly lose track of exactly how old I am (all year I’ve been thinking, “Am I 38 already or am I turning 38 this year?”).  Now it’s official.  Definitely 38.

And I’ve been so lucky to have had another great year.  We’ve travelled, and we are truly enjoying life here in Europe — and I recently learned that sommerrodelbahn is some of the most fun a person can have.  I absolutely adore spending my days with my wonderful boys who are growing up at an alarming rate and who are truly wonderful to be around.  A year ago, I expected that I would be home by now, but though I do miss home very much, I am also grateful for the opportunity to enjoy Austria for a little while longer.  (No matter how much I miss home, I know that one day, I will miss Austria, too.)

Most likely, this coming year will actually see us return home (though I’ve seriously given up trying to pinpoint anything), but, even more importantly, this year is going to see my boys continue to learn and grow, and I get to become an aunt, which I’m incredibly excited about!

Life is good.  I am so fortunate.  My days are filled with so much fun and happiness and adventure.  And I’m so excited to see what this next year will bring.  Happy birthday to me!  38 is going to be fantastic!

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  1. Happy belated birthday! I’ve been quietly reading your blog for quite a while; I think it’s great. And congrats on all your accomplishments!

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