The return of the pirate ship balloon

The day before Liam’s birthday, Benjamin and I purchased a pirate ship balloon that, rather than sailing home with us, sailed away, up into the clouds, on our way home.  Benjamin was heartbroken.  I was pretty upset myself.  I walked all the way back to the shop to see if they had another (they didn’t).

But, I didn’t give up.  What to do when you’re trying to find something elusive?  To the internet!  I found it on Amazon (uninflated, of course) and with a little translation, was able to find it on Amazon Germany, as well.  We bought two — just in case.

003They arrived today, and Dan took the boys down to the toy shop to see if they would inflate one of them for us.  They did.  (And now we have another — just in case this one flies out the window, or something, or for some time in the future.)

Benjamin is thrilled.  Liam loves it.  I feel great about being able to fix my mistake (I’m the one who let the balloon go, accidentally).  Dan got to help by getting the new balloon filled.  The whole family is happy.  I am so grateful we were able to do it.

I know it’s just a little thing.  I don’t want my kids growing up thinking that the THING is what’s important.  I hope they see the love behind the actions — the effort we went to in order to fix the mistake, and to help Benjamin give his thoughtful gift to Liam.  I hope they see the love in the pirate ship balloon.  I do.