Kindermuseum, revisited

Last year, for Liam’s birthday, we took a trip to Vienna’s Zoom children’s museum.  We had a great time, and we meant to go back, but we never did.  But, when Liam’s birthday came around again, we thought, “Aha!  Let’s go back!”  What a great way to celebrate (again).

And, we had a great time when we went back yesterday.  Again, the kids ran themselves into happy exhaustion (B’s comment was, “Whew!  This place is tiring!”).  The boys got to have a lot of freedom, and really enjoyed it.

But, last year we went on a weekday, and this year we went on a Saturday.  It was a lot more crowded.  We had to supervise them a bit more closely (although that was also, in part, because they’re bigger and I wanted to make sure they weren’t knocking toddlers over as they ran around), there wasn’t an opportunity for them to try each thing, and they didn’t spend as much time playing together (they split up at the beginning, and the crowd was such that they didn’t reconnect for a while).

Still, we had great fun, and it was a fun way to celebrate Liam’s second birthday.  But it’s even more special during the week.

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