Vienna Night Run . . . with kids

Months ago, when we were running 3 days a week, Dan & i decided to sign up for the Vienna Night Run, a 5k run, at night, here in Vienna.  Back in July, we were running 4k or so every time we went running, so committing to a 5k that we had months to prepare for seemed like no big deal.

Of course, neither of us has run at all since we went to the beach in July . . . but still, it’s only a 5k, so with absolutely no recent training, we did it anyway.

Yesterday, Liam and i went to pick up our numbers, chips, and extra goodies, and that was a challenge in itself — had to wait in 5 different lines, talk to 5 people in Germenglish, and get all the relevant stuff and info.  I got everything we needed, and we were all set, so after dinner tonight, we loaded the boys into the double stroller and walked over to the Rathaus to start the race.

We actually had a great time.  It was cool and drizzly out, so we put the kids under the rain cover.  We were slow, but not the slowest (we were passed by at least 5 Nordic walkers who started at least 5 minutes behind us, though).  There were lots of people out cheering for the runners, and having the stroller got us lots of attention (we only saw one other).  The music along the course helped with our motivation, too — I think we heard “Eye of the Tiger” at LEAST 3 different times.

We had a great time.  The boys were a big fussy as we waited for our starting group, but once we got going, they were happy (Liam slept through at least half of the race).  After we finished, B asked excitedly, “Did we cross the finish line???  What place did we get???”  His enthusiasm was wonderful, and he really seemed to enjoy it.  I’m really glad we did it, unprepared and everything . . . although we’ll see how I feel about it tomorrow

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