The land of the giant mechanical animals

Last summer, Benjamin rode on zebras and bears, dinosaurs and pandas.  (Liam tried once or twice, but he was too nervous and mostly skipped it.)  He could go on a ride for a few Euros, and he absolutely loved it.  It was one of our favorite indulgences last summer.

But, we didn’t manage to go this year.  The Donau Park is only one stop on the U-Bahn beyond B’s school and Dan’s work, but we just didn’t ever get out that way.  I’m pretty sure they don’t run the animals in the winter or spring, and I’m not sure how long into the fall they’re kept going.  We meant to go before our trip to the UK, and we meant to go last weekend, but didn’t. I was worried we’d missed them entirely this year, but we went yesterday for one more try.

They were out!  They were going!  Hooray!

After a stop to jump on the trampolines, the boys mounted up on a Triceratops, together, for a ride, and then took a ride on a bear.  (I’m not sure I’ve ever seen anything cuter than my kids riding double on a Triceratops.)  The smiled and giggled, and steered all around.

We capped our trip with a visit to the playground and some massive slides, (the kind I’ve never seen in the US) but the animals were the highlight.  I’m glad we got to see them again before they hibernate for the winter.

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