Versailles is GRAND. It’s impressively huge, gilded and verdant with grounds and gardens that cover almost 2000 acres. The paths through the trees stretch (literally) as far as you can see, and even though the palace itself is massive, you lose sight of it as you wander the grounds.


We didn’t go inside — we stuck to the exterior for the sake of the boys (and because after 4+ hours exploring the gardens, we had no energy left for waiting in the lines to enter the palace). We walked all over — we saw manicured flower beds, orange trees covered in fruit (which surprised me), acres of high, trimmed hedgerows and trees, dozens of fountains and even a canal (where you can rent boats).

After a few hours, we rented B a bike (with pedals, but also with training wheels) to ease his exploration of the grounds. I’m pretty sure it was the highlight of his entire time in Paris so far.

We are, as we have been so often on this trip, completely exhausted, but very happy with our day’s adventure. Versailles is grand, beautiful and impressive, and it’s on a larger scale than any other place I’ve ever been. I’m very glad we went.

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