Benjamin becomes a street performer

Yesterday was fun, but grueling, so we wanted to have a quiet day today. We slept in, and then got dressed and headed out.


Our first stop was Notre Dame, which Is just a few blocks from where we’re staying. We arrived before the biggest crowds, and were able to walk around and explore in relative peace. I loved it, but it was still a lot of having to be quiet for the kids, so we didn’t stay long, or wait in the tremendous lines to climb the towers.

After that, our day consisted of breakfast, ice cream, a walk by the Seine, listening to some street musicians (who ironically played only songs we sued to reach to at the dance studio), much needed naps, and more ice cream.


Around sunset, we again found ourselves near Notre Dame, watching more street performances — the boys were particularly enthralled by a guy making giant bubbles, and a after a few minutes, Benjamin was invited up to make bubbles himself, which was pretty exciting. (He did great!)

We finished our day with an excellent French meal, less than a block from our apartment.

It might not sound like it, but it was a good, relaxing day. I love being on vacation with my family, and I feel like we’re getting a real opportunity to get a sense of Paris. We are having a great time!

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