7 years

7 years. Today is the day we literally thought would never come. We had been told, repeatedly, and by those who should know, that 7 years at the IAEA was the absolute, no questions limit for anyone without a permanent contact (and those are incredibly rare).  It was one of the few things that everyone KNOWS about working in a place where do much is fickle and uncertain.  So, we were SURE we would be “home” by now. Well, 7 years, and a few small rule alterations later, and here we STILL are.

I don’t have an answer yet to the question — when will we be home?  I’m not sure.  I can’t rely on the rules and regulations to tell me, because those seem to be oddly flexible at the moment.  We will come back, but I don’t know when.

In the meantime … we’ve built a beautiful life here in Austria.  We’ve made this our home.  We’ve adjusted to so much — the language, the culture, raising a family in another country, being at “home” in two different places while also feeling like we don’t quite fit in either.  We’ve made wonderful friends, had incredible experiences, and continue to enjoy this big adventure.

2 thoughts on “7 years

  1. When my dad started to work at UNIDO in 1970 he figured it’d be for 2 years tops. I was 3 years old when we left San Diego for Vienna and just in time for me to start school we were supposed to be back. Well, 2 years turned into 24. Some things just don’t turn out as planned. I’ve long moved back to SD but I don’t want to miss having been raised in another country. Be safe and enjoy your adventure. Maybe next time my wife and I are in Austria we’ll try and hook up with y’alls. 🙂

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