Week one

Liam was at school without me for 3 hours today.  He didn’t cry.  He wasn’t sad.  He ate breakfast, played with the other children (on the way home he made a point of telling me he played kindly with the other children, which is what it says in the book I made him about starting school), did circle time and played outside.  He did great.

While he was at school, Dan & I had our first a.m. kid-free coffee break since we’ve been here.  It was weird, but very pleasant — we each got to finish all of our sentences AND our coffees.  Then I hung out at the coffee shop down the street from the school, just in case Liam needed me.  He didn’t.  Monday I may actually plan to try to get some things done.


B is doing great and becoming quite the “Vorschule Kind”.  Yesterday, he colored an apple and cut it out to help decorate the class for the apple unit they’re doing.  He also spelled his name with stamps (and then threw in some extra “n”s at the end to fill up the page).

Things are good.  The boys are happy.  This is awesome.  We’re all exhausted, but our weekend will be full of resting time, for all of us.  What a great first week!

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