Yesterday was another great day at school.  Liam stayed a lot longer (almost 2 hours) and played most of the time by himself.  He went with the teacher to eat breakfast (without me) and stayed in the classroom for circle time while I sat in the hall.  He had a great time and was totally comfortable.  I was so happy that he was taking everything so well.

Today, he must have sensed that something was up, because from the moment we arrived, he didn’t want to be away from me.  He was happy to play, but only if I played with him.

After about 45 minutes, his teacher wanted to try me going away and coming back later.  He was not happy.  He immediately started to throw a fit, and I didn’t even get to properly explain what was going to happen before they were rushing me out.  (Which I didn’t like, because of course I would prefer to have him happy and relaxed while I was leaving, but at that point, I think I would have just been making it worse by drawing it out.  Besides, we’ve spent lots of time over the past days preparing him for how school works.)

By the time I came back to get him, though, all was well.  He apparently cried a bit when I left, and threw an absolute fit when his teacher tried to get him to have a snack (so they just skipped that for today) but he participated in circle time, and when it came time to play outside, he was very happy.  As a bonus, Benjamin’s class was outside at the same time, so they got to play together, which resulted in two very excited boys (and lots of hugging).

B has still been doing great.  He had a bit of a meltdown yesterday while playing outside when he saw a bee (a new fear after we got several in the house one day last week) but he did much better today.  In fact, he told me that the moment when he saw Liam in the garden today was the best moment of his life and that he will never have a better one.

Although I do hope he does find even better moments in life, I can’t think of anything being better right now than the fact that he feels that way.  I love my guys, and I’m so proud of both of them.

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