The second day

Today was the second day of school. For B, things are still pretty much the same — they haven’t yet gotten much into the Vorschule work yet — the only difference for him so far is getting to play with some of the big kid toys. I did get to chat and share a hug with one of B’s teachers today — I didn’t see her yesterday (extra credit for us because she speaks less English than I do German — considering that, we do pretty well). He is so proud and excited to be in Vorschule. I think he is really loving being one of the “big kids”, but still, he’s pretty used to being at school. He really does love it.

But for Liam, every day for a while will be an adventure. Today started the same as yesterday, with Liam & I playing together and exploring the classroom, but after a bit, the teacher came over and took him off to play on the other side of the room while I watched. He did so well. He put two puzzles together and played with cars. While they were working on the puzzles, he got up a few times to wander off, so Teresa (his teacher) would take him by the hand and bring him back, and he would happily continue. It was pretty neat to watch him be so relaxed and able to focus in this new environment.

While his teacher played cars with Liam and the other children, I got to watch the class for a bit. I really love this school. I’ve seen B’s teachers be kind, attentive, strict and playful, but it was reassuring to see that the same qualities that make me love B’s class exist throughout the school. One teacher sat and played with a girl who was there without her mom for the first time, while another (who speaks no English) worked through a game with a boy (who speaks no German).

Liam’s teacher gradually withdrew from playing with the cars, leaving Liam to play, quite happily, on his own with several other kids from class. It was fun to see him be himself, and play in such a relaxed way, with new kids. He seems very happy.

After we’d been there an hour or so, it was time to go home. He didn’t want to go (and if he had to go, he really wanted to take some toys with him). With reassurances all around that he can go back tomorrow, he reluctantly came with me to change his shoes and head home.

When we got home, I had one very tired guy. We’ll rest up and go again tomorrow. Good progress is being made. (And B can’t wait until Liam is around long enough to play with him in the garden. I can’t wait for that, either!)

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