The end of an era

So, this is it — my last day for a while at home with both of my boys (not counting weekends, holidays, sick days or vacation . . . and then, of course, once we’re back in the US, Liam will probably be back at home with me again while B starts elementary school).  I know it’s true of life in general, but I feel like it’s even more true since I’ve become a parent — as soon as I get comfortable with a routine, it’s time to change everything and start again.  And that’s what this will be like.  Nearly my entire life here in Austria has been ruled by the routine of B going to school and Liam being home with me.  It’s my only point of reference, it’s the only way I know how to frame my experiences here.  This Monday, things change.

And, although this particular set of circumstances is brand new, I’ve been through enough changes to know that this, too, will come with unforeseen challenges and unexpected happiness.  I’m sad and worried to send my “baby” off to preschool (He’s so little!  He doesn’t speak the language!  How can he be away from me?!?) but I know he’ll be fine.  We’ll weather the challenges that come up, and help him through.  He’ll grow and learn and be awesome.  And B (How can he be in Vorschule already?!?  He doesn’t really speak German!  What is he missing by not being in the States and having a “normal” kindergarten year?!?) is set to be a star.  He told us at dinner last night that with all the stuff he’s going to learn this year, he’s “going to be a German machine!”  Indeed.

Life goes on, and as it does, it changes.  If there is one thing I’ve learned is that joy can be found in every new situation.  It’s a choice, to be happy, to set worry aside, to not go looking for strife, but to choose peace.  So today, on this last day of this routine, of this particular chapter in raising my kids, I’m choosing to enjoy this moment and to face what comes next with enthusiasm.  Monday is a big day, but right now, I am so grateful for THIS day, and I feel so fortunate for the 5 years I’ve spent at home with my boys.  Life is so good.

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