Day two

Well, everything is still going well.  Aside from a (relatively inevitable) spill at the dinner table caused by me over-filling Benjamin’s water, which he happened to be holding when he sneezed rather enthusiastically, resulting in a complete outfit change on my part, things have gone amazingly well.  And then we had perhaps the most intense and sustained thunderstorms I’ve yet experienced in Vienna yesterday evening.  But other than closing the windows, repeated assurances that everything was fine and a little bit of a snuggle in Mommy’s bed, that was really not an issue.  Bath time was uneventful, I eventually got Liam’s teeth flossed and brushed (always a challenge), and although it took a long time to get the boys to sleep, they slept through the night.

Then, this morning, Liam slept in, and I couldn’t bring myself to wake him, so I took the easy way out and kept B home this morning — the only other options were being late to school (stressful) or waking Liam just to get B to school (against every mothering instinct I have).  So, we stayed in.  I made a gourmet lunch of frozen pizza and leftover chicken nuggets, and we had an easy morning.

And now we’re in the homestretch, so it looks like I worried for nothing.  The kids are a little louder, wilder, and less cooperative today (owing, in part, to B not getting to run around at school this morning, I’m sure).  But we’re actually having a pretty nice time.

I’m grateful for coffee and for chocolate (both of which I’ve consumed in copious amounts).  We were lucky enough to have some friends stop by for a bit this morning (excellent for my sanity).  Yay for nap time.  And bedtime.  And TV.  But I think we’re going to handle this challenge just fine.  (But now I’m wondering if I haven’t jinxed the next 9 hours . . . )

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