Junior translator

Shortly after we moved here, we got a well-loved, hand-me-down copy of “Blue Hat, Green Hat”.  B loved it.  He loved the silly antics of the turkey, and really took to the simple pattern of the story.  Soon after we started reading it, he started “reading” along with us, and shortly after that, he started “reading” it on his own.

He got tired of it after a while, but I brought it back out again recently, mostly because I figured Liam was just about the right age for it.  Liam loves it as much as B once did.  Now B has started spelling and reading the words in the book, and Liam “reads” it to us, too.

Last night, after Liam took a turn “reading” it aloud, B picked it up.  Instead of just reading it, he translated the whole thing into German.  No kidding.

It might just be the coolest thing I’ve ever seen him do (so far).

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