Hello, I Liam!

Last week, on one of the few spring-like days we’ve had (and that was back when it was actually still winter), Liam and I went to the playground while B was at school.  We were happy and excited to be outdoors, playing in the sunshine and fresh air.  It was a relief for the cabin fever I hadn’t even realized we’d been feeling.

We definitely weren’t alone in that idea — the playground was overrun with kids.  There were a few mothers there with their little ones, but there were also two separate kindergarten classes there to play.  It was a zoo.  Kids everywhere, running, climbing, screaming, playing, falling down.

009Liam took it in stride and leapt into the fray.  He didn’t hesitate, just climbed the ladder to the slide, investigated the status of the baby swing (occupied), and ran off to play on some of the bouncing/rocking animals.

One little girl, a few years older than Liam (also probably older than B) saw him and wanted to play.  She followed him for a moment, and then invited him to ride on the seesaw with her.  He did.  They both smiled.  He grinned and said, “Hi!  I Liam!”  She giggled and looked at me, so I encouraged him to introduce himself in German, so he smiled again and turned to her to say, “Heisse Liam!”

010She didn’t respond, but they smiled and giggled and played for a few minutes, until she ran off to join another friend from her school group.  We wandered off to swing in the baby swing (now unoccupied) until we had to go home.

I am always so thrilled to experience Liam’s enthusiasm for life, his boldness, his confidence.  He is so brave, so open and easygoing.  He loves to connect with people, and is unfazed by bumps in the road.  It’s shocking and amazing to see him use German, although he’s yet to actually be taught.  (He seems to absorb it straight out of the air, by osmosis, although I imagine it’s more likely true that he’s picking it up from Benjamin . . . which is actually equally cool.)  He’s such a great little guy.  He inspires me.  I learn from him to embrace more and worry less . . . except when I’m worrying exactly about him being so fearless.

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