More on skating

034After our overly crowded experience at the Wiener Eistraum few weeks ago, we’ve experimented a bit with various times and days to try to find the best time to skate with the kids.  So far, the weekend evenings are great!  They are much less crowded, and thus easier and more fun, than the daytimes during the weekend.  (We haven’t yet gotten over there in the day during the week, but with the number of kids I’ve seen walking in that direction with skates, I’d guess it’s pretty busy.)  With a fraction of the number of kids in the evenings (more like 10), and a slightly older average age, there is plenty of space to have fun, and lots of practice penguins.  Both of my boys have had a better and more relaxed time on our more recent visits.  (As a note, the children’s area becomes a 073curling rink on weekday evenings, so there’s no children’s area after 4 on weekdays.)

I’ve gone back a few extra times as well — once more with Dan as a date night, and once on my own.  We’re really enjoying it.  It’s a great way to enjoy wintertime Vienna, and it’s a fun way to get outside with the kids this time of year.  Next, I just have to convince Liam that the ice isn’t for eating . . .

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