Jingle Bells

The Christmas songs Benjamin learns and sings at school are different than the ones I know.  I don’t recognize many of the songs he comes home singing, and he often doesn’t absorb enough of the words to teach me.  (We sing one about St. Nicholas that — in our house — goes, “Niko, Niko, Nikolaus, something something am der Haus!”)

But even the ones that I know, and that I’ve taught him, take on some new flavors when put through a four year old’s auditory filter.

“Deck the Halls” begins with, “Deck the halls with fallen jolly!” and “Hark the Herald Angels Sing” is now the rather more colorful, “What the hell the angels singing!  Glory to the hew horn king!  He fought Earth, and mercy mild, God and Santa, Christmas style.”

I absolutely love the Benjamin versions of these songs, and I honestly hope it takes him a long while to figure out the “right” words.

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