Walking to the park

Between generally being busy, some rainy weather, various members of the family taking turns being a little sick and some naps that have lasted long enough that it’s gotten dark outside before the kids have gotten up (an odd and sometimes frustrating part of living so far north) we haven’t been getting out a lot in the afternoons.  In fact, since we got back from Tirol and Bavaria in mid-October, we haven’t made a single weekday park or playground trip.  Today was warm-ish and dry, and the kids were up from their naps before dark, so I jumped on the opportunity, got the boys dressed and we walked to the park.

I’ve never actually done that before — I’ve never taken both boys, on my own, to the playground without the stroller.  Liam has been going through a phase of not wanting to hold hands, and not wanting to be held, and the roads along the way are far too busy for him to walk on his own.  But today, I explained to both boys that they’d have to hold my hand the whole way, and they were great.  We had a lovely time, walking along the sidewalks, enjoying the end of the afternoon and holding hands.  When we got to the playground, the boys played together, staying close to each other and to me so we could all be together, and so I could keep an eye on both of them.  We weren’t able to stay long — we arrived just after 4:30 and it was already nearly dark, but enjoyed a few minutes of playing outside before it was time to head back.

On the way home, we walked the long way, past a brilliantly lit Christmas tree that just went up today.  We had a really nice time, a lovely evening together.  My guys are getting so big — big enough to go out without the stroller, big enough to understand when I explain to them the way things need to happen, and big enough to (at least occasionally) follow through and do what they need to so that we can have a great time together.

It was lovely to just be together.  I wrote the other day about how much I like being out and walking around the city.  Today, I got to do that, while holding hands with my two favorite people.  I am so lucky.

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