The Christmas Market strategy

It’s almost time!  The first Christmas markets in Vienna open up this week, and I’m nearly bouncing up and down with excitement.  I really, really enjoy the whole Christmas market experience.  It epitomizes many of my favorite things about the holidays — time spent together, socializing with family and community; doing a little bit of holiday shopping, mostly from small, local vendors; spending time outdoors (even when the weather is less than ideal); enjoying some warm, seasonal, festive food and drink and special treats.

I absolutely love it.  I’m kind of crazed about it.  I can’t get enough of the Christmas markets.

And, I’m a bit of a crazy person when it comes to planning and organizing.  I try to restrict this part of my nature to the parts of my life where it helps more than it hinders my general happiness.  In this case, I think it might help, so I’ve allowed myself to draw up a calendar of Christmas market attendance for the family.  My plan includes visiting all of the big Christmas markets (including one we didn’t make it to last year — see why we need a schedule?!?) in the first few weeks that they’re open.  This will allow us some flexibility in case the weather is truly terrible or any of us gets sick, and it’ll give us the time to go back and visit the ones we liked the very best again and again as we get closer to Christmas.  Plus, I’m hoping to be able to get all of our shopping done for our family in the US by early December, so we can get everything packed up and shipped off in time.  And, of course, I need ample opportunity to show Jo just how wonderful the Christmas markets are (of course, this is just an excuse, because she’ll undoubtedly figure it out on her own).

Ok, so I realize this is a little obsessive.  But, right now, I’m pretty excited.  Our first Christmas market visits will be this weekend, and I can’t wait.  Frohe Weihnachten!

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