Jo is here!

So, she made it!  All the way across the Atlantic, a layover at Heathrow and then on to us here in Vienna.  She’s in one piece, she has all of her luggage, and she’s been in surprisingly good spirits — especially considering Liam screamed through the entirety of dinner.  Welcome to Austria, Jo!

Truly, I’m impressed.  It was a big trip to take alone.  It’s a big step to take.  She’s here, far away from most of her family and all of her friends, stuck with me, Dan, Benjamin, Liam & Bailey.  (Ok, B, Liam and Bailey are pretty great almost all the time, but I’m not sure Dan & I rate at the same level of awesomeness.)  Our first 9 hours of being together have gone really well.  We found each other at the airport, got her (and all of us, and all of her stuff) safely home, took naps and ate dinner.  So far, so good.

I hope she has some notion of what she’s in for (or an awful lot of patience and optimism).  The boys are very excited to have her here — Benjamin invited himself for a sleepover with Jo already on her first night here, and although she’s making a valiant effort to sleep, he’s still awake (so I don’t know how well that’s going).  I am very excited that she’s here, and so looking forward to sharing Vienna with her — there is so much I want to show her!

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