As of yesterday, I’ve had over 10,000 visits to my blog. That’s pretty cool (I think that a very high percentage of those visits have been made by various members of my family).

I feel pretty good about it. What started as a record of the daily challenges and delights of living abroad with two very small children has also become a wonderful connection with friends and family, as well as a resource (and, I think, sometimes an inspiration) for people who want to learn about visiting Europe or traveling with their own little ones.

Thanks to everyone who visits here and reads the (sometimes random) things I share. Thank you, in particular, to those of you who make a point of checking in here on a regular basis. I love writing this, I love sharing it with you, and it’s fantastically cool to have some of the pieces of our journey shared in the wider world.

As you read, please feel welcome to comment, ask questions, agree or disagree, and share. For today, I’d love to know what your favorite piece of “A Mommy Abroad” has been so far — what is your favorite post or best tidbit you’ve seen?

Thanks, again, for reading. It means a lot.

4 thoughts on “10,000

  1. My favorite one is the post about being an example to kids emotionally. BEING who you want your kids to grow up to be, and using that as a tool for self-growth. I don’t remember the title of it. I just remember the message, and I’ve held onto that idea in my own life since reading it.

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