Fledgling German and excellent English

It’s been over a year since I’ve had any formal German language training. I do ok with very simple interactions — reading signs, ordering at a restaurant or shopping for groceries. Just about any other time, though, I manage a few sentences in German, and then I have to ask if the other person speaks English.

I get along just fine, but I’ve been here too long for this to be an acceptable situation. So, I’ve started taking German tutoring. So far, I’m enjoying the one-on-one sessions, because I get to focus on the things I really need (getting and giving directions and communicating with the teachers at school). Even though I’ve only had one session, I already feel better that I’m at least making diligent effort towards being a reasonably responsible temporary resident of Vienna.

In related news, I was stopped on the street and asked for directions the other day, which I gave in English. That isn’t noteworthy — it happens to me almost every day. But, when I was finished, the woman (who I think was an American) complimented me on my English. So, I guess that’s something!

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