In Dublin

So, we’re in Dublin. We’ve been here over 24 hours, but we haven’t really done or seen very much Dublin-y stuff.

This morning, we were all set to head out to run a few errands and find a playground, ahead of a trip downtown. But, as Dan was getting his shoes on, Liam fell asleep. So, Dan took B to go and play while I curled up with Liam. Two hours later, they came back, and as we were preparing to go get lunch, we looked over and both kids were sleeping.

We finally all got out of the room just before 5, to go do some laundry and get a few groceries. (This is the exciting life I lead.)

Mostly, today was about resting and recovering. My back is feeling a bit better, and neither of our kids threw up today. That’s an improvement.

This evening, we finally got out to get dinner. All of the street signs are written in Irish, which presents an interesting challenge, and we accidentally found ourselves driving down a narrow street full of intoxicated Irish bar patrons who didn’t seem particularly interested in making way for our car. So that was a bit of an adventure.

Other than that though, today was one of those days (I have them often) that could have happened anywhere. Naps, laundry, grocery shopping and playgrounds are pretty universal. Today was just me being a mom, Dan being a dad, and the boys being kids — Ireland or not.

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