Yay!!!! We’re in Ireland!!! I have always wanted to be here and I’m so excited that we’re here.

But . . .

Thanks to some very poor planning on my part, we had an intense 11 hour day of travel. I’m usually really good at planning these kinds of things, but I messed up this time. We drove down from York to London (about 3 hours), flew to Belfast (just 1 hour in flight), and drove to Dublib (about 2 hours). Each piece was no big deal, but somehow I failed to consider that all of these things were going to happen on the same day, and that with the extra time needed at the airport, plus dropping off and then picking up a rental car, it would make for 11 hours between leaving our hotel this morning and arriving at our new one tonight. All I can say is that my kids are amazingly patient and willing to have put up with Mommy’s crazy schedule today.

On top of that, I threw my back out yesterday and Liam threw up again within an hour of our arrival here, so this is not my most favorite vacation day ever.

But tomorrow we will rest, and feel better, and enjoy Ireland. And hopefully we won’t have to get in the car at all.

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