I miss Grandma

The first week of July, we flew home to the US, where we stayed for a month.  For most of that time, we stayed with my mom at her house in Maryland (not counting 4 days spent in Florida with Dan’s parents, nor the week we spent at the beach — but still with my family — in Delaware).  When we came back to Vienna last weekend, she flew back with us, mostly just so I wouldn’t have to wrangle both boys on my own on a trans-Atlantic red-eye flight.  (She is awesome.)

So, we’ve been together every day for almost 5 weeks.  And not just spending a bit of time together, but living together in one way shape or form.  And today, she flew back home.

I miss her so much.

I got to talk to her every day — not over Skype, but in REAL LIFE.  She got to really, intensely experience me being a mom — from seeing me administer time outs to seeing me get overwhelmed with bath time to helping me deal with an Emergency Room visit.  We ate our meals together, we got ready for the day together, we got to share a lot of experiences (especially while we were at the beach).  But my favorite part was watching her interact with my kids.  It is so much fun watching her be a grandmother, and so special watching my boys be with her.  Grandmas play games that no one else does, they are patient, they snuggle, they read stories, they give out extra cookies and this Grandma, in particular, is an excellent hider in hide-and-go-seek.  I’ve really gotten used to having her with us, and I keep looking around for her and wishing she was here.

I’m not the only one.  Benjamin told me tonight that he was thinking that maybe she should come for Christmas.  And maybe she could come for Halloween if she wants.  And Saturdays.  And maybe Thursdays, too.

I think so, too.  (Thanks, Mom.)

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