Snuggle time

Tonight was Grandma’s last night of her visit.  She and Benjamin had planned to have a sleepover on the futon, but while she finished up some work on the computer, I stole her spot and curled up with B.  He’s still getting over his jet lag, so he was wide awake.  I snuggled up with him and we laughed and talked.  We talked about all kinds of things, in the seemingly random stream-of-consciousness way that he has (I imagine it’s pretty common among 4 year olds).  We talked about EVERYTHING — school, friends, cars, dying, family.  He shifted from silly to morbidly serious and back again without a thought.

I love hearing him talk.  I love getting to answer his questions — even when I’m not sure what to say, or when I hear myself saying something and immediately wish I’d been more comforting, or more creative, or sillier in my response.  I love that he asks me ALL of his questions, from the existential ones that I struggle to answer to the practical.  I love that he’s so willing to talk to me, and I admire his willingness to not know the answers.

He’s such an amazing kid, and it was wonderful to get to spend those snuggly, conversation filled moments with him.  I am so glad to be a mom to my wonderful, snuggly little guy.

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