Learning to swim

I can’t remember not knowing how to swim. I grew up with a grandmother who had a pool and an ocean-front beach condo, so we were introduced to water at a young age and learning to swim was a priority.

My kids don’t yet know how, and I’m anxious for them to learn. We looked in to infant swim classes, but it just didn’t seem to be the right fit for us. Now that we’re visiting Top├ęs (Dan’s parents), who have a pool, I was excited to get them in the water.

So, today, we strapped on the floaties and threw them in (just kidding). They couldn’t wait to get in and try (B was more patient with the application of all of the accoutrements than Liam).

B climbed in to swim with me while Dan made adjustments to Liam’s safety equipment. Once he got over his initial shyness about the water, he was thrilled. I helped him float around, and he quickly started testing his mobility — he got pretty good at kicking, but didn’t like to paddle with his arms, because it splashes his face. Within about 5 minutes, he was telling me he could “swim on his own”. (Which, I recognize, is one of the dangers of the floaties — now he thinks he can swim.) It was wonderful to see his comfort and enthusiasm. I loved seeing how much he enjoyed his new-found freedom, as he splashed and floated around. He was so joyful and liberated by his new skills.

Liam was excited to join in, but didn’t get past the point of wanting to cling to me. (That’s ok — he’ll get there.)

I’m so glad to see both of my boys enjoy the water. They both did more today than they ever had before. I’m so happy to see it.

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