The big school trip

So, today was Benjamin’s first big “end of the year” school trip.  Not just his class, but the whole school, went.  They rode a big bus to get there.  There were pony rides.  It sounds like it was awesome.

Unfortunately, he didn’t get to go.  His fever finally broke, about 4-something in the morning, and he was able to get a little sleep.  VERY little (he woke up just before 6).  He was exhausted, miserable, and still feeling pretty awful.  So, he had to stay home today — even though it was the day of the big school trip.  He was happy to get to stay home today, but when I explained that he’d be missing the trip, he suggested we ask the teachers, when we go to school tomorrow, if they could just take a trip tomorrow, also.  It was so sweet and so sad.  My poor guy.

I know it’s ok.  I know it’s important for me to teach him that taking care of his health is a higher priority than missing out on a trip.  But, I am so sorry he wasn’t able to go.

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