Sick family post #437

I really tried.  I tried to think about something else to write about today, but there isn’t anything.  We didn’t do anything.  I didn’t have any profound revelations or deep thoughts.  I woke up at 4:00 this morning to find my B sick with a fever of over 104 (if the forehead thermometer is to be trusted, which is probably isn’t).  I’ve never felt such a hot forehead in my life.  It freaked me out.  But, he was in good spirits, and doctors always say that behavior is a better indicator of the degree of illness than the actual temperature (I’ve been paying attention).

Still, I was worried, and if Liam hadn’t just been sick with something that also started with a very high fever and didn’t turn out to be life-threatening, we probably would have gone to the hospital.  As it was, I gave him a dose of Tylenol and tried to get him back to sleep (it didn’t work — he was up for the day 45 minutes later, which meant that I was too.)

And this was after we were all up until about 2:30 dealing with Liam, who now has croup.  My poor little guy couldn’t breathe, especially when he was laying down.  We tried taking him outside (didn’t help — I don’t think it’s cold enough — but I did get to treat my neighbors to a screaming, coughing, choking baby at 2 in the morning) but we did get some relief for him by taking him in the bathroom and steaming up the shower.

My own personal illness was not improved by my hour and a half of sleep.  I feel entirely awful.  Dan stayed home today, but even with each of us taking on a child, it was a rough day.

We will get better.  Soon.  If Liam is any indication, B’s fever should break overnight, and then he’ll get the congestion, coughing, runny nose part of this illness.  I hope that’s the case, because poor B was miserable today.  On the other hand, when Liam wasn’t choking on his own coughs today, he was in good spirits, which makes me hopeful that he’s coming out the other side of this.

So, I promise to write about something else.  Soon.  Just not today.

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