The 10 best things about being sick the same time as your toddler (revised)

Yesterday, I was grumpy, sick and tired, and getting over jet lag.  I also had kids who were tired, getting over jet lag and sick (one of them).  It was a long, hard day.  I was looking forward to Dan coming home early and giving me a break, which didn’t happen — he did come home early, but I didn’t get a break.  So, I was feeling all snarky and grumpy and I wrote about it.

But, the truth is, even in the midst of that, I was aware of how ridiculous that was, and even while being a curmudgeon, I was incredibly grateful for so many things about my life.  So, now, after a good night’s sleep, and with a little perspective, I present my revised list of what I appreciate best about being sick the same time as my toddler.

10.  Being sick is a reminder, and a chance, to practice taking care of myself.  It’s also a great opportunity to set a good example for my kids.

9.  Dan’s job is relatively flexible, and he’s able to come home early when I’m having a really tough day (whether it’s because I’m sick or otherwise).

8.  Being sick is an excellent excuse to not do the housework, cleaning, laundry, etc.

7.  It is so sweet to have Benjamin ask me how I’m doing and if I’m still sick.

6.  There will be a day, when my boys are bigger, that I wish I could comfort them by simply holding them while they slept.  Today, I still get to do that (for Liam, at least).  I’m going to enjoy it while I can.

5.  Being away from her makes me appreciate my mom’s help even MORE.  When she lived close by, she would come and help out when we were sick.  Now the commute is much too long (sadly).

4.  I have a husband who will get up with our kids in the middle of the night (whether or not they’re sick).

3.  I have a husband who doesn’t have to travel excessively for work — he is home, here with us, almost every day.  I complain about not getting a break, but I at least have a partner in this craziness.

2.  We have amazing health insurance and access to great medical professionals.

1.  This is temporary — my kids are actually very healthy, as am I.  This is a bad day for us, not a good day or every day.  I am so very lucky.

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