The 10 best things about being sick the same time as your toddler

So, yesterday, Liam was sick (he’s actually been sick for a while, but yesterday he got quite sick).  He was so feverish and inconsolable through the night last night that if we hadn’t had our doctor stop by yesterday afternoon, we would have been heading for the Emergency Room.  He kept us up all night (we took turns — I only got about 3 very broken hours of sleep) and his fever finally broke around 5 this morning.  When he was ready to be up and about today he alternated between happy, active periods and miserable, curled up in my lap times (the latter mostly just before he was due for another dose of Tylenol or Ibuprofen).

But, to make things even more lovely, *I* woke up this morning with his illness.  I know it’s pretty unavoidable, but seriously?  I feel like I’ve been sick a dozen times this year already (it may actually be far fewer than that) and, since I am officially now an expert on being sick at the same time as my kids, I’ve decided to write my personal “10 best things about being sick the same time as your toddler” in honor of the occasion.  (Sarcasm detectors on, please.)

10.  Cuddles are so much more fun when they include snot and drool.  (I love you, Liam, but ew.)

9.  Sick toddlers are so much easier to take care of, since they don’t require any special medication, extra cuddling, extra diaper changes, extra nose wipes, and because they’re so relaxed, flexible and adaptable to everything in their environment.  (Liam cried for 20 minutes today because I gave him the bottle he was asking for.)

8.  Everything in the world stops because you’re sick.  There are no meals to prepare, diapers to change, clothes to wash, cleaning to do, kids to take to and pick up from school, etc.

7.  The smell of pedialyte just never gets old, especially when you’re nauseated yourself.

6.  It is so much fun to spend a great deal of “quality time” in the bathroom accompanied by a fussy, feverish child who wants your attention.  Even better when you stick them in the exersaucer or crib and just get to hear them scream from the next room.




(Even snarky, I can only be so creative.)

2.  When you write your laziest, most sarcastic blog post to date, everyone will understand.  (I hope this one is actually true.)

1.  At least Dan and Benjamin aren’t sick.  Yet.

(I also feel the need to mention that although I’m exhausted and sick and entirely worn out, I am simultaneously incredibly grateful that I have the most wonderful kids in the world (even when they’re sick), that Liam isn’t actually THAT sick (no ER visits or anything major going on), that Dan is sharing the middle of the night craziness (he’s taking all of it on tonight) and that his job is such that he could come home early today and sit, holding a sleeping Liam, while I played trains with B.  Life is good.  But it’s better when I’m not sick.)

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