License to drive

There were so many things to do before we moved to Vienna.  There was so much packing and organizing to be done, so many people to see, so many details and so much paperwork to take care of.

A bunch of it just didn’t get done.  I meant to renew my passport before leaving the States (which obviously didn’t happen) and I really wanted to renew my almost-expired driver’s license before I left.  It’s possible to drive in Vienna (in much of Europe, actually) with only a valid US license.  And, if you have a valid US license, getting an International license is pretty straightforward.  Plus, of course, I wanted to be able to drive when I got home, and I didn’t want the hassle of having to renew my license once it had expired.

But, it wasn’t a high priority, since we wouldn’t even have a car, so it didn’t get done.  Now that I’m here in the States, though, it would be really nice to drive.  And, when we’re home for our longer trip in July, it’ll be really important that I can get myself, and the boys, around to where we want to go — especially once Dan heads back to Vienna.  And (potentially most importantly) if I had let my license lapse for more than one year (coming up in July) I would have had to retake the written and driving tests — which I certainly don’t feel like doing.  Thus, I decided to make it a priority to replace my license on this trip home.

So, this morning, my dad came and picked me up and brought me to the DMV (which is nostalgic, too, since he took me to get my learner’s permit, and my original driver’s license, so very many years ago).  I was prepared for a morning of frustration and woe, but I have to give the Virginia DMV credit — we were in and out in less than 45 minutes, and that was with the computer having some issue with processing my picture (or, as my dad was joking, since I broke the camera — ha ha).

So, now I’m legal to drive again, although not in any real hurry to do so.  I don’t know that I ever noticed before how many cars there are around here, how big they are, and how fast they all go.  I’m so out of practice as a Beltway driver, since I haven’t driven in at all in a year and have only even been in a car a handful of times recently.  It’s all kinds of craziness around here, but now I’m legally permitted, again, to contribute to the insanity.  Watch out!

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