Sunday in Maryland

This morning, we got up (surprisingly unearly — just before 6:00 — the kids are almost always up by 6:30 anyway, even without a 6 hour time change, so that’s pretty impressive). We had breakfast, took showers, went for a walk, played with the boys, had lunch, took naps (albeit longer and more soundly than is typical), hung out, had dinner, and ran some errands.

20120520-232231.jpgIn short, we had a Sunday, much like we would have had in Vienna, except for the wonderful addition of some people we don’t get to spend enough time with. We got to spend nearly the entire day with Grandma, and Uncle Pete and Uncle Adam came over this afternoon, played cars with the boys, and joined us for dinner.

The weather here is perfect and beautiful, and the company is fantastic. We’re having a wonderful time here in Maryland, and we spent a simply lovely Sunday together.

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