Out for a walk

104I’ve really been wanting to take an evening walk around our new neighborhood, and this evening our schedule cooperated, so we went.  Benjamin wanted to bring his plastic riding car, but since that would be a hazard because of the proximity to the road (and would make for a very slow walk) we opted for his red wagon instead.

It is a huge, red, plastic wagon — it is very American and very un-Austrian.  Benjamin loves it.  It takes up a ton of room on the sidewalk.  We got some haughty glares and some shocked stares of wonder (the latter mostly from kids and parents).

106We walked all over, including to the Hofburg Palace (we saw the gardens, which have rosebushes that are as much as 8 feet high!) and to the Spanish Riding School, all with the red wagon, and never more than a mile from home.

What a lovely evening.  Our adventure has not been perfect, to be sure, but moments like these help remind me that things are really pretty great.

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