By Sea


This is the truck, delivering our stuff

We have stuff!  (Oh boy, do we ever!)  Our sea shipment, which contained most of our belongings, arrived today.  We STILL don’t have our air shipment.  Although that doesn’t comprise much of our stuff by volume, it is specifically the things we felt like we’d need the most urgently upon our arrival.  We don’t even yet have any idea when we will get it).But for today, that doesn’t matter.  We have clothes.  We have furniture.  We have toys and cribs and changing tables for the boys.The movers unpacked most things, and assembled it all, but there’s still a lot of organizing to do.  Having lived for over a month without this stuff, I have two principal thoughts:  first, that I have never been so grateful to unpack and organize a house full of boxes, and second, that I own WAY too many things.074

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