Indoor Picnic

Benjamin has been asking us to do a picnic lately.  We’ve wanted to, but somehow the timing, opportunity and weather just will not cooperate.  (Which is complicated by the fact that we have good picnic “stuff” — coolers, a great blanket, etc. — but all of it is, of course, still in transit.)

014Today was rainy and cool, so we decided to do a picnic . . . indoors, in our new apartment.  After nap time, we packed the boys up, picked up lunch on the way (along with a couple of Eiskaffees, which are my new most favorite thing) and headed over to our new apartment.  It’s nearly empty, so there’s a lot of room for Benjamin to run and have fun, and plenty of picnic space.  We laid down a pad of 5 blankets and a towel so that Liam would have a somewhat comfy place to join us on the floor.  Benjamin played soccer and cars while Liam proceeded to roll over (from his back to his front) for the very first time.  (He then repeated this feat several more times.)  We all had lunch, and wandered around, planning where all the furniture would go, while Benjamin drove his cars and trucks all over his new room.

We had a wonderful time.  It was so lovely to spend the afternoon in our new place . . . and to finally give B his first Viennese picnic.

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