Happy Easter 2014!

Happy Easter 2014!

Our Easter celebration this year started, as it always does, with the boys finding the treats that the Easter Bunny had hidden.  (He did a good job to avoid Benjamin, who was on high alert overnight to catch Herr Bunny this year.)  The boys were up bright and early to search the house.  The Easter Bunny left treats, toys, and a few impressively colored eggs around the house and even out on the terrace (which was a little unfortunate, because it rained overnight).  With a little help, the boys managed to find everything.  And after only a little encouragement, they decided they were again willing to share their collected treasures (the Easter Bunny did leave a note encouraging them to share) which prevented Liam getting 2 stuffed lambs with B having 2 giant Kindereggs.


After a breakfast of French Toast (which had seemed like a good idea but was, in fact, just more sugar added to the equation) we decided to get out of the house and enjoy the beautiful spring day.  I’ve always enjoyed spending at least a little bit of time outside on Easter, and this was a perfect spring day to celebrate.  We spent a little time at the playground, but when I suggested a stroll through the rest of the Rathaus park, both boys collapsed into miserable piles of “I can’t walk!” unhappiness.  We overcame this malady by discovering a very cool crane being used to assemble pieces of a giant stage in front of the Rathaus.


After returning home, and having a nap, I made my first attempt at homemade macaroni & cheese (which I saved from near-disaster halfway through).  We also had a “ham in an egg of bread”, which I think is an Austrian thing (it was tasty but difficult to cut and serve) followed by a cake MADE BY DAN (his first ever).  We finished up our day by Skyping some of our family at home.  As always, being away from our loved ones is the hardest part of holidays far from home, but getting to talk to some of them was a huge help.  We’ve definitely gotten the hang of celebrating festivities far from home, but our experience does nothing to lessen how much we’d like to see them and be together.  (Liam insisted we go to Grandma’s house for Easter dinner and explained exactly how we’d get there.)

It was another successful Calle family Austrian Easter.  We had a great day and the Easter Bunny was good to us.  A happy Easter all around.

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