Baking “together”

031From time to time, the kids and I bake together.  I try to do it each weekend (and we actually manage to do it about half that often).  In theory, it’s a great idea — they like it, I like it, and I believe it’s good life skill training.  They get to practice measuring and following directions, and they will (hopefully) get to adulthood with the idea that they can produce something in the kitchen.

But in reality, it never goes how I imagine it.  No matter how prepared I am, our baking always devolves into disaster — kids throwing ingredients, eating massive amounts of the ingredients or blowing ingredients into each other’s faces, me snarling or grouching the kids into semi-submission while it all starts to feel like torture instead of fun.  About half the time, one or both of the kids either quits early or ends up getting removed to go play something with Daddy while I 043finish up in the kitchen.  I’m completely willing to let go of the quality of the finished product, and I’m 100% ok with the ensuing mess, but I’d like to actually get SOMETHING into the oven at the end of the process . . . and more than anything, I’d like for all of us to enjoy the experience (at least most of the time).

Grandmas, and organized Pinterest-ready moms, I need your help — how do you do it?  How can I make it work?  Any secrets to being somewhat successful at baking AND at allowing all of us to stay in good spirits at the same time?  (I am actually asking.)  We have great intentions, but we just don’t have that much success.  I’d like the reality to more closely resemble the sweet pictures I take during the precious few minutes of calm amidst the calamity.

2 thoughts on “Baking “together”

  1. What if you got your “mise en place” ready prior to baking, and just allow them to dump it into the bowl as needed, and stir. For a long time I wasn’t allowed to crack eggs, or measure, I was just only allowed to stir. “Always stir from the bottom”

    • I do, kind of. I like to have them help with the measuring, but I do get everything out and prepped before I bring the kids in. Even stirring can create havoc . . . this last time, Liam kept eating the dough and blowing flour into B’s eyes (he wasn’t aiming for B, just enjoying blowing the flour around the kitchen . . . it just happened to intersect with B’s face).

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