1000 days

It recently occurred to me (because these are the things that my brain runs in the background during diaper changes) that we must be coming up on our 1000th day of this adventure, and, in fact, when I looked it up, it turns out that New Year’s Eve of this year will be our 1000th day here.  (Pretty neat.  Happy New Year!  Happy 1000 days!  Woo hoo!  Also, we won’t actually be here — we’ll be “celebrating” our 1000th day while home in the US for the holidays, which is a little ironic.)  That’s quite a milestone, especially because when we first left to come here, I expected that we’d be home in 1-2 years.

1000 days is not quite 1/13 of my life so far, or, thought of another way, it is very nearly equivalent to all of the Februaries I’ve lived thus far.  That’s a lot of time.  If I imagine that instead of having lived here for the past 2.5+ years, I had spent every February of my life living in Austria, it makes it easier to see what a profound effect this adventure has had on me.  On all of us.  For the kids, who have spent roughly 55% and 85% of their lives here, the impact is naturally even more significant.  (Liam lived in the US for only 191 days before we left.  Wow.  I’d never done that math before.)  No wonder we feel so connected with this place.  No wonder we feel so changed by this experience.  No wonder that it feels like we’ve been gone for so long — we have been.

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