Breaking with tradition

Well, that didn’t go how we expected.

I love Dan.  Really, I do.  But, if he had a middle name (which he doesn’t) it might well be “flaky”.  He had one job.  His parents were visiting, it was Thanksgiving, and the only thing he had to do was to make a dinner reservation.  The first time I brought it up was Halloween.  (I remember because I’d had it on my mind for weeks even before that and I thought that bringing it up more than 4 weeks ahead might be counterproductive — he might not be able to make the reservation that far ahead, and I imagined that if he tried and wasn’t successful, he might forget to call back.)

Halloween.  In October.  4 weeks ago.

I reminded him, several times.  I tried not to harp on it, but I’d ask, once a week or so, if he’d gotten the reservation.  No luck.  He kept telling me he’d do it, that we had plenty of time, and that we didn’t need to make the reservation so far ahead.

But, as happens with these kinds of things, we suddenly went from “having plenty of time” to having almost no time.  He didn’t get around to emailing the restaurant until the night before, and when he didn’t hear back, he finally called around lunchtime on Thanksgiving.  But then it was too late — they didn’t have room for us.  We tried a few of the other restaurants around here.  They couldn’t find a spot for us, either.

057So.  There we were, with Dan’s parents visiting, with no plans for dinner on Thanksgiving.  Yikes.

So, we made a plan B.  Dan went to the store, bought some food and made a very nice dinner.  We had roast pork with sweet potatoes and pears.  It was great, and really very Thanksgiving-y.  After dinner, we still did go out for our “traditional” evening trip to a Christmas market.  We had a lovely, festive meal, and a nice day.  It wasn’t what we had planned, it wasn’t quite what we’d expected, but it was still a good day.

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