Richard II

004Last Wednesday evening, Dan and I had a date night:  we went to see a play that was being performed live in England.  Luckily, we only had to go two U-Bahn stops to see it.  The Royal Shakespeare Company’s production of Richard II was filmed and broadcast, live, into movie theaters all over the world, and luckily enough, one was in Vienna.

I could claim purely cultured and scholarly interest motivated our desire to see the play, but truthfully, I have a massive crush on the lead actor, and Dan has likewise been a fan since first seeing him play Doctor Who a few years ago.  But although we may mostly have been motivated by general geekiness, we truly loved the experience (and did feel a bit more cultured as a result of having seen it).

It was amazing to see a performance like that, by such amazing actors.  Shakespeare is always impressive (done properly) but it can be hard to always get the whole understanding by just reading it.  Seeing it performed, by talented actors, run by experienced and well versed people, made it so easy to understand and become absorbed by.  It was captivating and moving, and thoroughly enjoyable.  What a treat to get to experience that, all the way from England, while here in Vienna.

I can only imagine, then, what a treat it will be to see it live!  In January, I’ll be traveling to London to see the show in person, along with one of my very best friends (but without Dan and the kids).  It will be my first “girls’ weekend” in a very, VERY long time, and I’m looking forward to it so much.  It also feels very grown up and sophisticated to being flying to London for the weekend to meet a girlfriend.  (Who does that?!?  Apparently, I do!)  I’m really looking forward to it (and I’m sure it will be fun to see the play again, too)!

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