I remember

I’ve not been in the US on September 11 for several years now, but judging by Facebook (which may not be the most reliable source), it seems that “never forget” is what people say today.  I don’t really understand it — I can’t imagine that anyone who was alive in 2001 and who has an ounce of humanity in them could possibly forget the horror of that day.  But, then, what else could we say?  What is there to say but, “I haven’t forgotten.  I remember too.”

I do remember.  I remember the shock and the disbelief and the slow-coming understanding that people did this on purpose.  I remember the confusion.  I remember how afraid we all were, and how many things in the world were suddenly unimportant.  I remember watching people die on tv.  I remember watching people jump to their deaths because they didn’t want to burn.   I remember watching firefighters and police officers run to their deaths just so they could TRY to save someone else’s life.  I remember watching the towers fall and knowing how many lives had just ended.  I remember hope dying, too.  I remember frantic phone calls and reassurances from friends.  I remember ash-covered faces and heartbroken families.  I remember clear blue skies and eerie silence and realizing I, and the whole world, had been changed.

I remember.

I will never forget.  I could never forget.  I remember, too.

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