Summer outing: Starbucks

We’ve spent 2+ weeks of being housebound with various illnesses, but today we made our first trip out of the house of our summer vacation.  Destination: Starbucks.

It may not seem like the most exciting, educational or cultured of choices for an outing with the kids, but, for the first trip out in weeks, it was a good choice.  The kids have wanted to get out of the house and do SOMETHING for about a week, and I’ve held off because Liam wasn’t yet quite better, and I didn’t want him to get sickER again before Benjamin’s birthday party last weekend.  Also, Benjamin has gotten a stuffy nose and a cough over the last few days, so I didn’t want to push him, either.  (I’d rather spend our summer inside watching movies, but give the kids the rest they need, than let my frustration about *still* being stuck inside keep me from taking care of my little guys if they need to recuperate from something.)  I wanted to get out of the house, too, especially because the weather today was just so beautiful (perfect blue sky and about 75 degrees).  I just needed to pick a destination.


Benjamin was actually the one with the idea.  I go out (or try to) twice a week and take an hour to drink a coffee and read a book, usually at Starbucks.  The boys always want to come with me, and I almost always say no (because as sweet as they are, and as much as I sincerely enjoy their company, two hours to myself every week is the minimum I need to keep my sanity).  Last week, Benjamin REALLY wanted to come with me, and he suggested that “sometime soon” he could come along.  When I asked if he’d mind if Liam came, too, he thought that was “even better”, so I tucked that idea away and decided to pull it out the first day with great weather that I couldn’t stand being stuck in the house any longer.  And today was that day.


The boys really wanted to ride the bus, so we did.  (I love hanging out with my kids.  To grown ups, the bus is just transport, but to the kids, the bus is a grand adventure.)  When we arrived, Liam got a lollipop, B chose a cookie and I had a coffee.  I had the boys order their items themselves (Liam loved it, B was nervous, but did great) and they got to choose our table.  (Another great treat for a 2 and 4 year old.)  They chose a table for two, and sat across from each other, and I sat next to them.  It was a very grown up adventure.


We really had a great time.  It seems like such a small thing, and kind of a trivial adventure, but for three people who have barely left the house in 2 weeks, it was excellent.  We even stopped at the drugstore on the way home and did a little shopping for the house.  A fun and functional journey — perfect!


Over the next couple of weeks (until our big vacation at the end of July) and then, for the last few weeks of August (after our big vacation) it’s my plan and intention to go on a variety of outings with the kids.  Our collective energy level will determine how adventurous we are — more trips to Starbucks, or a day at the zoo?  We shall see.  For today, it was GREAT to be out in the sunshine, enjoying a little bit of Vienna with my boys.

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