Up all night

So, I was hoping that my post yesterday would make it sound like tons of fun to be here and maybe inspire more of our friends to come visit.  (Maybe?  Hopefully?)  Well, don’t book those tickets yet, because our health track record during friend visits is turning out to be pretty poor (oddly, that has not been true during family visits, when we’ve been healthy the vast majority of the time).  Last night, Liam was up all night, sick.  (Thus, so were we, although not sick ourselves.)  At first, he was just fussy and uncomfortable, but around 4:30/5:00 (who can remember after a night like that) he got a fever and got really miserable.  After a dose of ibuprofen, he finally got to sleep.  At 6:30 this morning.  Of course.

I don’t think we kept the entire household up all night or anything, but I don’t think anyone here got a full, restful night’s sleep, either.  We’ve certainly experienced the joys of sick kids on vacation, as well, but there’s something particularly unfortunate about our kids getting sick, seemingly whenever anyone with kids tries to come and visit us.

For now, Liam’s staying happy with medicine at regular intervals, but given that nap time today didn’t go any better than last night did, we may be in for a multi-day stretch of wakeful, miserable children (and parents), which, unfortunately, doesn’t make for a very fun time for our visiting friends.  I’m hoping that we haven’t gotten Eva sick, at least.  That won’t be a good way for them to remember their visit here (just ask Pam and Joshua).  And if anyone else plans to visit, I promise to do my best to keep the kids healthy.

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