Spring thunderstorm

I woke up to thunder yesterday morning.  I was grateful that it was just me that woke up, and not the kids, since it was just after 5:00 a.m. — early enough that I did not want to really be up but late enough that if they had woken up they’d probably have been up for the day.  We don’t get thunder all that often here in Vienna (notable to me because in the mid-Atlantic US, where I’m from, thunderstorms are a near-daily reality in the summer months).

We usually have a fairly rainy and windy April, but we didn’t this year, which made the thunderstorm yesterday more remarkable and very welcome.  We got the thunder first.  It continued for nearly half an hour before the rain came.  I was surprised that the birds kept singing throughout the thunder — I feel like they don’t do that at home.  Or maybe I am just now noticing because we keep our windows open.  They didn’t stop singing until the rain got really intense, almost an hour later, which also necessitated getting up to close the west-facing windows.

It rained most of yesterday and part of this morning.  It’s the most rain we’ve had here in a while, and I know we haven’t had thunder since last summer.  I’m glad to have the rain, and the thunder.  For a while there, it felt like we skipped right over spring — we went from a snowy early April to summer-like weather by the middle of the month.  These last two days have felt like spring, finally, and I’m glad to have it.

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