Adventures in brothering

Watching my boys be brothers to each other may be my favorite part of parenting so far.  Since Liam’s birth, they have been excellent brothers to each other (although I admit it was a bit one-sided back in the beginning).  Over the past 2 1/2 years, I’ve had the wonderful privilege to watch them grow closer, and learn to love each other more and more . . . while also learning more precisely how to drive each other absolutely crazy.  Benjamin has been looking out for Liam from the beginning (although B is very much the big brother and always wants to be fastest, biggest, and have the most toys).  Liam has been trying to be like B since he could conceive of rolling over.  They are incredibly sweet to each other, even sometimes when things get tough.

These are some of the recent highlights of inter-sibling communication from our house.

Me: “Who loves their brother?”  Both boys, screaming in unison: “Me!!!!”

B to Liam, after a frustrating morning: “I’m taking you to the grocery store and leaving you in the oranges.”

B, on movie night: “Liam, we’ve eaten almost all the popcorn, would you like to have some?”

Liam, at their last living room sleepover: “Benjamin, I like your sleeping bag.”  B: “I like yours just as well.”

Liam: “Benjamin, I love you. Benjamin, I love you. Benjamin! I love you!”  Me: “Benjamin, Liam said he loves you.”  B: “Yes. I heard him.”

B: “Liam, if you wake up in the night and you’re scared, I’ll be right here.”

I love these guys. I love how much they love each other. It’s great getting to watch them be brothers.

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