Fun with Daylight Saving Time

We have Daylight Saving Time here, too, as does the US and various other parts of the world that like to be confusing, but the change happens at a different time than it does in the US.  Honestly, I barely do a decent job of remembering to convert the time difference on a normal basis — my family at home may not realize how close I come, regularly, to waking them in the middle of the night with a text message.  When the Daylight Saving Time change happens, I have an awful time keeping up with it.

The year, because of the way the month of March falls across the days of the week, the time changed in the US last night, while our time here won’t change until the last day of the month, three weeks from now.  The US changes on the 2nd weekend of the month, and Austria changes on the *last* weekend of the month.  Last year, there were only four Sundays in March, but this year, there are five, so there’s an extra week in between.  (Talk about complicated!  Since Daylight Saving Time is an arbitrary concept, though, I probably shouldn’t be surprised.)  I have the hardest time keeping track, during this limbo period, of how much we’re “off” from home, causing me to miss Skype appointments and send messages out at inappropriate times more often.  Every time before, I’ve only had to keep track for a week or two, but this time, it’s a whole three weeks.  Apologies in advance to everyone I contact back at home over the next few weeks!

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